Accomplishing each contract or single one-time order in the best possible way by creating a memorable experience for our Customer


We are determined to help our customers in the right place at the right time with the focus on their needs, that cannot be performed by other service providers.

We are critical and demanding to our service process, therefore we will anticipate problems and proactively solve them before they arise.

Cutting Edge IT systems that enable us to provide customized order process.

Corporate excellence that puts customer satisfaction and long-term relationships at the heart of our operations.

Transaim UAB started back in 2007 as a small specialty transportation service provider for construction machinery in the Baltic region. Over the years we became recognized as a reliable, punctual, and customer-oriented logistics provider which resulted in significant volume increases.

The setup of best practices in line with the EU Guidelines, the multilingual customer support center in Lithuania and our high-end IT infrastructure enabled us to scale our business beyond the Baltic region and engage with larger customers in Western Europe. We are especially proud on the feedback we have received that value our best in class on time delivery record and high customer satisfaction, driven by our proficient customer support team, that always accommodates individual requests.

Today we do what we love, running a well-organized and time efficient logistics company, with a seasoned management team and over 13 years of industry experience. Our aim hasn’t changed over time, we want to assure a pleasant delivery of products starting from the order intake and ending after the on-time delivery.